Maternity & Newborn Sessions

This is such an exciting time to celebrate your growing family!  The most important thing to remember for newborn sessions is the baby is in charge. most times the baby needs to be fed & changed one or more times during a session.  We just go with the flow & work around baby's needs. 

Another important thing with Maternity & Newborn sessions is timing...

Maternity - You want your belly to be big & beautiful, but not too big! You want to be able to move easily and hold a position.  Everyone is different, but usually around 30 weeks is a good time to schedule your session.


Newborn - Within the first two weeks a newborn is still sleepy & new. This is the best time to capture the newborn look. After a few weeks babies are awake longer & start moving a little more. It's still possible to get great photos, but the first two weeks are a magical time to capture that curled up newness in photos. 

Maternity Session $250

*1 hour session

*Location of your choice

Newborn Session $300

*2-3 hour in-home session

*Props are provided 

Individual Sessions


Maternity & Newborn $500 (Savings of $50)
Baby's Big Moments $700 (Savings of $100)

3 sessions - Newborn, 6 Months & 1 Year


Capture Every Moment $900 (Savings f $150)

4 Sessions - Maternity, Newborn, 6 Months & 1 Year

Helpful hints for Newborn Sessions:
1. try to keep your baby awake and feed them right before the session (This can be challenging, I know).  
2. Turn up the heat. A warm baby is a happy baby! I'll bring a heater with me just in case we need more heat! 
3. Loosen up your baby's diaper for an hour or so before the photo session. This helps to prevent red diaper elastic marks on their skin.

4. Dress your baby in loose clothes, so we don't wake them up when getting them naked for the pictures!  
5. Relax....all newborns cry! I am a mom too, and I know how stressful pictures can be. Again, don't worry, I am used to it and expect it.  Great pictures can be made while you are rocking or feeding your baby . In fact, sometimes these moments make the most beautiful memories of all. 

Phone: 513.207.3631 


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